Need answers please

1.)  I am trying to open files with .sqlite ext in Mac High Sierra using SQL Pro for SQLITE.  None of the file will open and I get a message that a passphrase is needed.  Why would there be a passphrase in my Mac  on files that I have not personally worked on.

2.)  When I click on OPTIONS in the editor it warns of 'Write-Ahead-Logging' 

        So far after 4 days I have not been able to open a single file.   Can someone please advise...   Thank you.

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  • Hi,

    Could you possibly post one of the SQLLite files you’re attempting to open? That should Help me figure what is going on.

      • David
      • David
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Kyle Hankinson Kyle Hankinson 

  • Thanks Kyle,

    I have a need to actually see the database itself. So for example I have a .db file and I try to open it in SQLITE Pro and it says Write Ahead etc...... I cannot find out what it means via online searches.  I next open DB Browser for SQlite and I can see the tables but I don't know how to search where the actual database is.  Is it in my Mac and if so where?

    I have never created a database so it should not be external.  How do I make the connection from reading the tables to  actually knowing what the database is controlling.  I have been reading for 5 days and all I see are tutorials on creating tables and inserts etc but not a single comment as to where the database is saved.    So if I remove or edit the table in the .db file (included)  how do I know what the file the edits refer to?    It seems like this should be the first thing that I see when it comes to a database.  Where is the actual database and what type of extension should it have.

    Lastly,  which extensions does SQL PRO for SQLITE open.  I have purchased a few apps and still unclear as to which app opens what.   Does SQL Pro for SQLITE open .squlite files  ....

    Thank you Kyle,


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