Tabbed results within a single query tab

I'm currently using SQLPro for Postgres and would really like to see implemented the functionality of being able to have tabs of results within a same Query Tab. It would make less necessary to have multiple query tabs.

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  • I don't know what you mean by this. You can currently run multiple queries at once and see all of the results if thats what you mean?

  • Yes, but only if both queries are executed at the same time; but if I execute one query and then the other I only see the result of the last one. The idea would be that if I want to keep the result of the first query executed I should be able to pin it, so when I execute the other one I still have the result for the first one available.

    • Fernando Escobar gotcha. Unfortunately no plans for this at the moment.

    • Kyle Hankinson - Hopefully this gets added to the list of features to implement. I've relied on this feature in other apps. I've just recently switched to SQLPro and so far love everything about it, with this one exception. I'm trying to decide if I can continue using it without this feature.

    • Todd Strilchuk unfortunately I currently have no plans of switching from the existing style of multiple result sets to a tabbed style.

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