Update query crashing the app


Never had a problem with SQLPro. Until now.

After the last update the app hangs after an update query.

Select is working, Stored procedures are working. Views are working.

Only updates executed from a result grid are crashing the app.

Any idea?


kind regards, Gianni

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  • Hi,

    Hmmm, sorry about that. Just to confirm, what version of the app are you currently using? (You can see this through 'SQLPro for MSSQL' -> 'About' menu). Also, this is when you are editing results via the results grid or directly when writing an update query?

  • Hi,

    I'm having the same problem. The app is crashing when I update directly in the result grid.

    Version 2019.45 (Build 110570)

    I use SQLPro from Setapp

  • Version 2019.46 (Build 10479.1)

    Updating directly in the result grid crashes the app.

  • Gianni B Roberto Okada when you editing the results grid, is it just a simple select query? Have you sorted or filtered the results? (I’m trying to figure out what’s going on - I haven’t been and to reproduce this or figure it out from the crash log yet).

  • Hi


    simple query

    no sort or filter

    • Roberto Okada I've pushed a new update to Setapp that includes additional logging for this issue. If you get the chance, can you try performing an update again in the latest version?

    • Hi. I'm testing this new version and until now it's ok

    • Roberto Okada can you try this build? https://sqlprostudio.s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/studio/SQLProStudio-Beta.zip I've made a few changes around the update which may fix it, and if not it will provide me with additional logging.

    • I've got this build submitted to Setapp as well. It should be available shortly.

    • Hi Kyle Hankinson 

      This Beta version works better.

      The setapp  version  has a different behavior when I update directly in the result grid, but until now it didn't crash.

      If I sort any column and change some cell in the result grid, the old value remain in the screen, but if you resubmit the query the new value is there.

      In this beta version if I do the same thing the new value remains in the screen.

  • My version is from the app store. I can't see an update yet.
    It seems that your version on the apple app store is dated.

    I downloaded this from your site: Version 2019.54 (Build 10486)
    With this version update from the result grid doesn't crash,
    but the updated value will not be saved.

  • Today I installed Version 2019.53 (Build 10485.5) from the app store.

    Update Queries from the result grid do not crash.
    But there is a new bug:
    If I change a value in the result grid and update the record, 
    the updated value will not be saved.

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