SQLPro Studio AWS MySQL RDS constant spinner

Hi Kyle,

When connecting to our AWS MySQL 5.7 RDS I can do a few queries, and then all queries or table opens just get the constant spinner and they never come back even for any other database I am connected to. I then force quit the app and then start again and it works for a few queries and then happens again. I also switch back and forth between apps a fair bit. Something gets locked up it seems. I'm not having the same issues if I only use a local MySQL 8 or a remote MySQL 5.6.


Any thoughts ?




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  • Version 2019.54 (Build 110602)

  • I also noticed that it starts to happen when I do something like this 

    SELECT * FROM business LIMIT 1000;

    It will return the 1000 rows but then the spinner will keep spinning, and other queries won't work. So it seems maybe it happens after the result set has returned.

  • Hmmmm, could you try the sample MySQL northwind connection included with SQLPro? Its not 5.7, but it is hosted on RDS. I'm just trying to figure out if you see the same thing on any MySQL RDS or if its 5.7 specific.

    • Kyle Hankinson sorry I ditched northwind, I have other 5.7's I can play with and see if it also happens on those (Sometimes an RDS instance you get is dodgy and you have to restart to get a new one).  Also if it helps I noticed the query will eventually complete after a very very long period. I will try and time it in case that helps. Its like RDS isn't giving the app back the end of the result set 'signal', maybe an RDS configuration setting or something AWS are doing.

    • Paul Schaap > sorry I ditched northwind

      Sorry, I mean the sample that ships with SQLPro. If you enable the sample database connections via preferences, the mysql northward database will be available which is hosted on RDS.

    • Kyle Hankinson I enabled and see no issue so far, but note that is MariaDB 10.0.24 whereas we use MySQL proper 5.7.26

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