100% cpu when autocomplete turned on -- SQL Pro MSSQL

When I first purchased this app it worked perfectly. However, one update (about a month ago?) essentially rendered the 'auto-complete' feature useless. Typing anything that triggers autocompletion text kicks CPU usage to on sqlpro to 100% and brings up a beachball.

I am using this on a db with a massive number of tables. However, when I first purchased it did work with minimal lag. During this high cpu utilization there is no network activity.

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  • Hi. First sorry about that. A few questions to help figure this out.

    1. Are you using any CTEs? (Statements including WITH).


    2. if you have a blank query and hit escape, does the issue occur?


    3. If possible, have you noticed what the last sql keyword (select, from, join, where, order by, etc) is when this occurs?


    thanks and again sorry for the issue.

  • I agree. I am having the same issues. This really needs to be fixed, shocked its not been updated or figured out yet. I have had to use SQL Management Studio via Citrix and also have been looking for another app. Sad to be paying for something that just isn't working right. 

    • William Backy hey William. This actually should be all fixed up. What version of the app are you using? (Visible from the about dialog).

    • Kyle Hankinson when did you guys issue a fix. the app store doesnt show any updates since oct 22nd. 

    • William Backy ahhh sorry, it looks like that version was not yet submitted for review by Apple. I've submitted it and it should be available by tomorrow. (Reference to the GitHub issue https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/317 ).

    • Kyle Hankinson Thank you :)

  • Thanks for the update. It doesn't completely freeze anymore, but it autocomplete is still really laggy compared to Microsoft's SQL Management studio... and other de's like VSCode.

  • I am still seeing some issues it doesn't fully freeze, but it does slow down at times the larger the query. 

    • William Backy  d. san.  could you email me (via kyle@hankinsoft.com) your log files? I'll check the logging to see if I can find any slowdowns. Logs can be found by going to 'View' -> 'Logs'.

    • Kyle Hankinson Just emailed you my log files. I removed the full domain for the SQL server and replaced it with domain.com

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