No notification (outside of Messages tab) on incomplete results

I was running a query in SQLPro Studio on a Microsoft SQL Server database. The result set came back with 45 rows. Based on the query and knowing a bit about the data, something didn't seem right. I ran another (similar) query and got back 145 rows. So, I re-ran the initial query again and this time I got the same 145 rows.

A while later, I noticed the same problem again with the same query (only 45 rows in the results). This time I clicked on the "Message" tab in the Results window and noticed a server level error message.

In my opinion, If an error occurs there should be some sort of indication that the result set is incomplete. I would suggest either taking you directly to the "Messages" tab, not displaying any results at all, or showing some sort of error indicator in the status bar at the bottom of the screen.

I've seen this problem a few times in the past and initially just ignored it assuming that I had run the same query both times. I'm now worried about the reliability of using SQLPro if the results being returned can't be assumed complete without first looking at the Messages that are returned.

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