Theme preference doesn't activate until Preferences is open and re-applied

Preferences->Appearence->Theme (select Default (Light)

Change other settings (Font etc)


Next time I open SQLPro for Postgres, my Theme (in the query editor) is always the default dark theme. If I open preferences I can see my settings and chosen Light theme). If I do nothing but hit Apply and Close, the query editor changes to the correct theme

This has been going on for many versions (over a year) and still happens on the latest (2019.45)

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  • This happens to me too.  And now since I changed it to dark, I can't get it to change back.  It won't even save the font settings.  I deleted the other themes, right from the package itself, and it's still dark.  The Defaults.plist has the right theme, but it's like it's ignored. 


    I think maybe it's hard coded in the app somewhere.

  • Mark Badolato  NickA  what version of macOS are you using?

    • Kyle Hankinson Now I'm on Catalina, but this has been happening since before Mojave

  • Mark Badolato NickA  actually I've reproduced this. I'll include a fix in the next build.

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    • Kyle Hankinson Awesome, thank you!

  • Kyle Hankinson Just saw that a new release was finally published. This not only doesn't work still, now it's even more broken. Now, no matter what theme I select, it stays on the default Dark theme (with Apply and Apply and Close) and doesn't ever switch. Closed and restarted the app, no change

  • Also, could you add a link to the support forums to your website please? It's difficult to get here!

  • Video to show what I'm seeing

    • Mark Badolato hey Mark. You have to hit the ‘set as default (light)’ button for the theme to change. I’ll have to add something to make this a bit more user friendly. Per the support form, it’s actually going away in favour of github issues ( as keeping track of open/closed items on the forum is quite difficult. That said, I will add a link to the website. You can also find it from within the app by using the ‘Help’ -> ‘support’ -> ‘GitHub’ menu.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah, that set as default (light) is definitely not intuitive; Thanks for the info and +1 on the github issues for support.


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