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As someone who has used Microsoft's Sql Server Management Studio for MANY years, there are a couple of suggestions I have for SQL Pro that would make my life and those of us that are coming to your product from the Windows world, much easier to use:

1. Add support for simply pressing the F5 key to execute a query.  I know, you can do that now, sort of...  Having to press TWO keys at the same time isn't as easy or intuitive as you might think for us SSMS veterans!

2. SSMS has a nice feature where you can drag the columns from a table and it will drop the column names into the query window.  This comes in VERY handy sometimes.

THANKS, more to come!

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  • Hi Barry,


    There is a way to accomplish your first suggestion already.


    1. Click the icon in the left corner of menu bar, select System Preferences...
    2. Click Keyboard
    3. On the Shortcuts tab select App Shortcuts from the list on the left
    4. Click the + button to add a shortcut
    5. From the new shortcut dialog, select SQLPro for Application, enter "Run query" (sans quotes) as Menu Title, click into Keyboard shortcut input box and press the F5 key, then click Add

    Now you can press F5 to run queries from SQL Pro!

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