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Hi Guys,

In your latest update, the text is highlighted as selected when I have not selected any text. Please see screen shot. You can see at the end of the text where I have selected the end of the line.



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  • Hi. This is by design - in the latest version, the 'run query' button now has a dropdown with a few additional options. 'Run all' and 'Run current'. If you have multiple queries entered such as the attached screenshot and you choose 'run current' only the current query (shown by the background highlighting) will run. If your using SQL Server, the GO keyword is needed to separate queries. Other database providers use a ;

  • Please consider making this feature (highlighting of single queries) optional, because in 99,95% of the time I only work on 1 Query per Tab. Or highlight as soon as more than 1 query is used in the Tab.

  • Thanks for the notes. I'll add an option to disable this (and will make it disabled by default as thats how the previous version were).

  • <3

  • This is what I'm adding for the preference. Does this make sense to everyone?


    • Kyle Hankinson Yes that would be great thank you.

  • Great!

  • Unfortunately, still doesn't work correctly.

    Highlighting is appearing once I start to edit the code. 

    Version 2019.63 (Build 110616.5)

  • I disabled the feature in preferences and SQL Pro for MS SQL Server works as expected (Version 2019.64 (Build 10500.5))

    I appreciate Kyle's impressively quick response and update. Thank you!

  • Kyle Hankinson  Thanks for this fix.

    The only issue I've got is that after I have selected a part of a query and executed it, it leave a line underneath it.

    • Craig Southcoat This is when you’re manually highlighting a partial of the query and executing it? It looks like it’s deselecting it after you run it? I’ll have a look and see if I can reproduce it, but I just wanted to confirm that’s what you’re seeing.

    • Kyle Hankinson yes this is when I manually highlight a section, execute it and then deselect the text in the window.

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