Automatic save/resume, including multiple windows

I'd really like to have SQLPro automatically return me to 'where i left off' when if i quit the application (or it crashes) and resume; which is now the standard behaviour for many apps on MacOS.

I currently have to force-quit the application, to end up with some way of "bulk-resuming" where i left off ... but this brings all tabs into one window, and loses which database i was connected to. 


Desired functionality:

- Quit without needing to save every tab (although should warn that currently displayed results will be lost ... unless it's easy to restore the previous result set too).

- On re-launch, should restore the windows and tabs that I had open

- I'd personally like to see the connections and selected databases restored automatically, or a button at the top of each tab i can click on demand to "Restore previous connection".

- Perhaps a setting option to let users tweak their startup preferences (especially about re-connection)

- If i close a window before quitting, then i'd expect that not to be included in the save state. 

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  • It would be very useful to restore, at least, the size and position of the panels and tabs.

    I always have to resize the left panel with the connection data, tables, ...

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